Denny Sinnoh's "Akihabara Starlight"

Hanako Oku: Troublemaker?

Hanako Oku:  Troublemaker?

I know what you are thinking from this photo.  It looks like Hanako Oku is standing up at a political rally stirring up trouble!  It looks like she is saying at a Tokyo press-conference: “Now see here now Mr. Prime Minister Abe, come clean on your efforts to hide the truth about Fukushima” (Sam Donaldson would be proud.)

Actually, this is a photo of Oku-san talking to the audience during one of her concerts.  I obtained the image from an old blog on her website.  (She looks super-pretty in this photo too, but I digress.)  Hanako Oku talks to the audience A LOT during her concerts.  I have the DVDs to the 20011-20012 tours, and she talks, and makes a lot of jokes to the audience.   Somebody please translate these jokes for me … What’s so funny?  But I digress once more …

The purpose of this blog is to start a discussion around this topic:  When it comes to relationships, is Hanako Oku a troublemaker?   There is an American “Hillbilly” expression: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  Is Hanako Oku one of those chicks that likes to starts fights all the time?  Are these fights and break-ups fodder for her songwriting?  I will provide evidence for my argument  — using Oku-san’s own words …

Channeling Rod Serling:  “Submitted for your approval …”

Evidence tag #1

In the song “Kawaranai Mono” examine the following lyrics

Kaerimichi fuzakete aruita
Wake mo naku kimi wo okoraseta
Ironna kimi no kao wo mitakattanda

We joked around on our way home.
I made you angry for no reason.
I guess I just wanted to see your different sides …

Is she trying to start arguments, and “yank the dude’s chain”, in order to get a reaction?

Evidence tag #2

In the song “Cinderella”  Oku-san is clearly the instigator of the breakup when she states:

Sukisugite kurushikunatte shinjitai no ni utagatte
“Wakareyou” tte itta no wa
“Wakaretakunai” tte kotoba ga kikitakatta dake na no ni

I loved you too much that it became painful
Even though I wanted to believe you, I had doubts
I said “Let’s break up” because
I only wanted to hear the words “I don’t want to break up with you” …

Was she testing her lover by trying to start a fight?  … just so they can make-up again?  Thus, Hanako Oku … TROUBLEMAKER?

OR …

Is it the opposite true?  Is it that when she thinks about the break-up, she blames herself somehow, thinking that she MUST have done something wrong.  (Similar to all those American country-western songs where the lady singers will lament “Ah did him wrong …”)  So, it may be that the GUY is the one that caused her so much trouble, and broke her heart.  She sits there crying, and blaming herself?  Damn! That makes me angry!!!  If I get a hold of the dude that broke The Little Great One’s heart, “I’m going to open me up a can of whoop ass.”  (Now running out of  folksy American colloquial expressions …)


 It took five years for this starlight to reach my world.

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