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KIMONOS ON MONDAY (Week #7) The “Kimono Girls” of Pokémon

Kimonos on Monday Week #7:  This week something a little different!

If you have ever played Pokémon HeartGold (or SoulSilver), then you know about the “Kimono Girls” story arc.  Let me share a few images of the Kimono Girls as seen in the game, the anime, and the manga.  Each of the Kimono Sisters have their own evolved form of Eevee that they will battle with. 

Oh, I’m a nerd …

Hanako Oku “Tegami” Music Video

Hanako Oku – Tegami

yellow flag

Have you ever missed your chance to tell someone that you loved them? If you could communicate with a loved one from long ago — would you do it? Do you regret not sending a message to someone you loved?  What if you could have another chance?  Could you break out of your everyday life, and make a grand gesture?

It might start with a signal … a message … a note … a letter … tegami.

This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artists.  Here is the official music video to accompany her 2008 release.  This video is not available on YouTube!  Please enjoy on the JPopsuki website.  Zen-like, it will open in a new window by clicking the link below, or the link up here:—Tegami/e878e4b9edfc5dc18fa9c5fc884257ff

There are a number of nice moments.  You may have your own, but some of mine are at Time 1:10 – the young couple with the infant; Time 1:44 the toddler girl waves (she gets it, it is cute); Time 2:35 both the young and old man wave … the young man concerned, steadies his grandfather; Time 4:44 what an array of lovely flowers, not artificial, they are genuine beauty.

The song always makes me cry … but why?  In the video, nothing happens* … yet it is emotionally compelling when combined with the song.  Absorb the moments.  Find your own moment to live mindfully in …

I greatly appreciate the lyrical translation-interpretation by Vahila-sama.

It took five years for this starlight to reach my world.

* like a Lexus Infinity commercial : )


“A Sense of Responsibility Changes a Woman”

AKB48 music video “Ue Kara Mariko” featuring Mariko Shinoda! … linked here.

It will open in a new window, then you can enlarge it to full screen!   Alternateively you may just link to the JPopsuki site below!—Ue-Kara-Mariko-%2528eng-subbed%2529/290c201022d71531ed66ff67f38abd22

Oh those long Jpopsuki load times … but they have such great fansubs!

If you must use YouTube, here is the video. You can have CC for the song, but the “drama” is not subtitled.

The video is worth the trouble.  This JPopsuki fansub has the complete music video story.  There is an incomplete, un-subbed version on YouTube … but why on Earth would you want to go there?

Mariko Shinoda graduated from AKB in 2013, but she was long one of my favorites.  I was sorry to see her leave AKB, but I wish her well in her new “responsibilities” in the Japanese fashion industry.  Perhaps it was time, to graduate.  Shinoda-san was 27 when she graduated — which is fairly old to be a Japanese Idol.  What a charming beauty she was … and well, still is (see image gallery below).  Shinoda-san had a lot of style and grace.  Her dancing seemed effortless.  Like a cat always landing on her feet, she made it look easy.  She was also a good comedian, and I wish that the group would have taken advantage of her comedic talent.

Today, we will take a look back at this great music video, and also take a look at some of Mariko-san’s activities in the fashion world!

The song was written by Mr. Akimoto-san for Mariko.  It is another “boys perspective” song where the lyrics are about a guy singing to Mariko.  Oddly, Mariko is also singing part of the song.  So … she is singing to herself?  Make sense?

The video takes place at a private school “Aizawa Woman High School”.  Three students are bemoaning their bad luck, after finding out that each club’s leader must take part in a “Janken” (Rock/Paper/Scissors)  tournament, in order to select who will be the student council chairman (chair-girl?) .  Minami Minegishi (aka “Mii-chan”) steals the show here.  She tries to get one of her friends (Fujie and Kabayushi-san) to step forward and try to win the Janken tournament. Their  biology teacher Mariko Shinoda arrives, who they all admire, especially Fujie.  Side note: Mii-chan and Mariko are the same age, but Mii-chan is playing a school-girl and Mariko plays the teacher.  Mariko will mentor the shy, impressionable Fujie.

It is NOT going where you think it might at time 1:30.

It is NOT going where you think it might at time 1:30.

The young women are surprised to find out that Mariko was a “nerd” in high school, yet blossomed into the teacher and professional model she is today.

To say that this music video is “leggy” would be an understatement.

Thanks go out to,, and for translations and fan subs.  Arigatou gozaimasu!


It took two years  and nine months for this video’s starlight to reach my world.

For more Mariko please visit my Shinoda Pinterest board below!

(1980 joke reference.  “Dutta dutta dut dut — dut dut, dutta dut,  MY SHINODA!!!”)

Hanako Oku: The Lady Loves Her Noodles

Hanako Oku followers are familiar with her webpage and the wonderful personal photos she shares with her fans.  Oku-san often takes photos of her food!  I have created this little collage of random photos from her blog. (Each time you load the page, the order changes.)  Fun as Cup-O-Noodle!   These are just the photos of her eating noodles.  I wanted to make sure that she was in all the photos I post here.  She often posts a photo of just her bowl of noodles.

This lady loves the noodles   : )

Kind of getting hungry now …




AKB48 graduate Atsuko Maeda dazzles in kimonos!

Click for wallpaper size!

Click for wallpaper size!

Click a photo to view the slideshow, then view at full size! 


Persocom Company Problems?

What the hey?

When will I receive my Paruru Persocom order?

When will I receive my Paruru Persocom order?

I had sent an order to the Persocom Company for one “Haruka Shimazaki” Persocom (Model # Paruru ZX81).

It has been weeks, I still have not received my order.

Anyone else experiencing problems with their Persocom orders?


I already miss the Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 !

Watarirouka Hashiritai (渡り廊下走り隊) aka the “Corridor Running Team”. 

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7

I already miss the AKB48 sub-group the Watarirouka Hashiritai 7!  They were my favorite of all the AKB sub-units.  Unfortunately, they announced their disbanding on Christmas 2013, then gave their last performance in spring 2014.  The Watarirouka Hashiritai group was fronted by Mayu Watanabe, and she was the focus of most of their music videos.  The other members were Haruka Nakagawa (also of JKT48), Ayaka Kikuchi, and Aika Oota (of HKT48).  The original quartet was joined by Mika Komori, Kazumi Urano and Iwasa Misaki in 2011-12.  At that point they became the “Watarirouka Hashiritai 7”.  (I plan a future blog dedicated to member Iwasa Misaki aka “Wasamin”, who has had solo success as an Enka-singer.)

The musical style is “bubblegum”, but I would describe it as a power-pop adult bubblegum sound.  Music historians will appreciate the 1960s pop and 1980s new wave elements in the music.  Many of the WH and WH7 are available on YouTube, and I will showcase a few of the cute dance-music ones here.  Video and audio quality are variable.  Some videos have been edited in length.

This first video “Hetappi Wink” showcases Mayu Watanabe.  The girls are shooting a mascara commercial.  They are supposed to make a “wink” at the camera.  The running joke is that Mayu cannot wink just one eye, much to the consternation of the corporate production team.  I love the interaction between the director, the producer, and the company man.  They cannot finish the commercial because of Mayuyu.  You will see that the more she FAILS, the CUTER it gets.  No Japanese language skills are required!  Everything is perfectly understood through body language and context.  I love the WH7’s “Fiesta outfits” they wear here. Did the story turn out the way you thought?  I always laugh every time I see the end.  (Sorry only 360 available.) Note: The “real” mascara ad is tagged on at the end of the story.

“Senpai?”  The quintet-sized WH quintet perform this next one “Gyu”, which gives hope to all of us who were rotund, amorphous, blobs in high school.  At time 2:52, a blob is even KISSED!  Maybe there is hope for all blobs. The “school-girl” idol outfits are great, and they kill me with that “Doki, Doki” refrain.  These girls are TROUBLE!!!  “Watarirouka Hashiritai” translates as  “those who run in the corridors”.   Can you imagine that type of undisciplined behavior happening in American public schools?  Never!  America’s schools would never allow for such lax behavior as seen here.  Running in the hallways … indeed.   My favorite part comes at time 3:07: “Remember that time over at Johnny’s Place?  This chick got up and she slapped Johnny’s face …”  Enjoy (the then) seventeen-year old Mayu and the others in this joyous nostalgia.

The next video has the entire group of seven.  Mayu is center, but I always wait to see even a fleeting glimpse of the great Iwasa Misaki.  The song title translates as “Hope Mountain” (Sorry only 360 available).  They made this one a historical documentary (mock-u-mentary?) that makes it look like Japan in the 1960s.   Here the ladies make a tribute to the great 60s “girl groups”.  Love those mini-skirts, and those boots were made for walkin’.  The video shows that Japan was in transition at this time in history.  Hope-and-Change actually worked in Japan.  Many of the younger generation wanted to rapidly modernize, and make fundamental changes to a peaceful, Japanese society — others wanted to keep traditional ways.  (ex. Time 2:28 Dad can’t understand his kids. )

Of particular interest: We see what looks like the late American actor Patrick Swayze’s Japanese love child sitting at the bar at time 1:10.  Or IS THAT Patrick Swayze?   This video takes place in the same time period as his “Dirty Dancing” movie.  Pop Culture addicts will also wonder why the “Green Hornet’s” limo driver is there.   “Hope Mountain”?  … even the older generation gets it.

The last one I will share (today) begs the question — What if Mayu were the “alien” in Steven Spielberg’s “ET: The Extraterrestrial”?  The title is “Boy to Lie” (direct translation).  Mayu portrays an “alien” who accidentally lands on Earth.  A middle-school boy finds her, and takes her back to his room to nurse her back to health. They make a promise together not to tell anyone.  Of course!  What boy going through puberty would not want to secretly keep an AKB48 member in his bedroom?  (This moment reminded me of the “Thank you God” moment in National Lampoon’s “Animal House” movie.)  He is a “brainy nerd” boy, who is bullied in school.  Of course he can’t prove to anyone that he knows an alien, and must keep it a secret forever.   The alien Mayu  returns to the WH7 mothership.  (Spoiler: The boy grows up to be a famous astro-physicist and astronaut, but meets a tragic end.  Unfortunately, I could not find an English translation of what exactly happens.  I thought it was a let-down, but I could not tell what was being said.  Guess for yourself. )  Still, this is another unique music video.  Mayu is good, as always, but I loved those fleeting seconds when I could see Iwasa Misaki-san in that silver spacesuit.  Nice.

Well, it is too bad that this sub-group is no more.  They were fun.  You may still review the group’s history on their webpage:


Later I will share some live video of the group!  Oh, you wanted to see a bikini photo! …  well I have those too!

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7: Oh, Wasamin!  (far right).

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 Ski and Swim Team

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