Denny Sinnoh's "Akihabara Starlight"


Hey kids! Let’s put on a show!

This post will be a little different.  Instead of a music video from The Little Great One herself, I want to share some of my “Liked” videos from YouTube.  Each of these is a cover of a Hanako Oku song.  All are enjoyable – for one reason or another.

Reiko Umehara sings a nice version of “Hatsukoi” here.

Here is a nice acoustic guitar version of “Kawaranai Mono”.  Good job Syu214, I was getting a little choked up …

This version of “Kawaranai Mono” is sung by Tab Harell. And she includes lyrics on her video.  What a nice Birthday Card!

Here the Canadian singer Irulannesque sings “Garnet” as a test of her voice strength. She had been very sick, and struggles a little at some points.  However, I think it is great!  Getting over a cold actually made it sound more emotional!  Super!

Sweet! This is an interesting “ocarina” instrumental version of “Koi Tsubomi”.  Thank you Enjiro !!!


Comments on: "HEY KIDS! LET’S PUT ON A (Hanako Oku) SHOW!" (4)

  1. I’ve seen some of these, actually. These are definitely some of the better covers out there; many of the others are really out of tune and they scratch my ears.

    I have two more covers for Kawaranai Mono for you:

    Here’s Kevin Nikolas with his guitar, and he adds percussive effects to his arrangement:

    And here’s viiAkanao with a Tagalog cover:

    Plus, all these great piano covers by ryss2010. Here’s Hane:

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  2. […] If you’re itching for content right now, Denny Sinnoh has informed me that he has published an Oku-related post. […]

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  3. Thanks! I was looking for a piano cover of “Cinderella” for this post, but could not find one.


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