Denny Sinnoh's "Akihabara Starlight"

I nicknamed a Fletchling “_ Doki Doki_” and leveled it up to 100.

“Doki Doki”

I put the special symbol  music note on both ends of its name, so that the name looks like it is said sing-songy in a “squeaky” manner, as if it is said by an Idol singer or an Akihabara maid cafe server.  The phrase “Doki Doki” is Japanese alliteration for a beating heart.  Although there is no exact translation into English, it would be the equivalent of “my heart is beating pitter-patter” (English alliteration).

DOKI DOKI my heart goes pitter patter


If you have ever seen the Watarirouka Hashiritai sing their hit “Gyu” there is a “doki doki” refrain in it … and it KILLS ME that it is so cute! (Video linked here.) I love it when they make that little heart symbol with their hands! So adorable — I CAN’T STAND IT! Come to think of it “Gyu” (aka “hugs”) might be a good name for a little bird. So cute, just like a Fletchling!

Although Doki Doki, like all Fletchlings, is a NORMAL and FLYING type Pokémon, I did teach it “Hidden Power”, which, lucky me, turned out to be a FIRE move!  She knows, Fly, Steel Wing, Hidden Power (Special Fire move) and Aeriall Ace.  Although Fletchlings are relatively small and weak, my singing Doki Doki is a level 100, and can hold her own anywhere in Kalos.

The first Fletchling that I caught in Kalos I named “Yukirin”.  I know … I know that “Yuki” is the Japanese word for “snow”, but I wanted to name it after AKB48 member Yuki Kashiwagi.  I was on a big Yuki Kashiwagi kick at the time.

Sometimes a name is given to a pet that is the opposite of what it is, for example calling a black cat “Snowball”.

Sometimes a nickname is just because you like it, or the name is for someone you like … and I like Yukirin : )

I used Pokémon Amie a lot on this bird.  She became my lead Pokémon, even though I had chosen a lady Fennekin as my starter. (I do like my fire types!)

Pokemon fletchling singing like Yukirin

Both Yukirin and Fletchling are cute singers!

Sometimes when battling, I would get the game message “Yukirin looked back at Denny with affection” or “Yukirin and Denny are in total sync with each other”, etc.

Oh, yeah, I have a very active fantasy life, but I digress …

I knew you would be impressed, Miss Kashiwagi!

I knew you would be impressed, Miss Kashiwagi!

Fletchling (Japanese: ヤヤコマ  “Yayakoma”), evolves into the FIRE-FLYING type Fletchinder (in Japanese: ヒノヤコマ  “Hinoyakoma”)  starting at level 17, which evolves into the FIRE-FLYING type Talonflame (in Japanese:  ファイアロー  “Fiarrow “) at level 35.  I always  keep the same nickname through all three evolutions.

I named another one Phoenix, as in the mythological bird that arose from firey ashes.  I have also named them “Hi no Tori” after the Japanese manga about the Phoenix bird.

You may like cutesy type names for Fletchling like “Chirppie” or “Mr. Chips“. You might like “Peeps” after the Easter candy. “Sweet Cheeps” would be a play on the old “sweet cheeks” compliment.

I used “Firefall” (to be the opposite of “waterfall”). I like to use the name “Hawkstown” as it still fits for the more hawk-like evolved forms. I named one “You’re FIRED” to send out on the Wondertrade. Watch out for that flame-body ability!

I like bird Pokémon.  I like fire-types, so I like all of the evolutions, however I usually only keep the ones that have flame body.


This fan has made a very attractive Fletchinder hoodie. Finally, someone who looks good in a hoodie.


What a great Fletchlinger hoodie!

Talonflame is probably my favorite Pokemon to use in the Kalos region … and “Flame Body is indeed a wonderful thing!


What did you name your Talonflame? Please comment.

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  1. A “Doki Doki” moment from Mayu Watanabe:


  2. That reminds me of Doki Doki Universe on the vita.

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