Denny Sinnoh's "Akihabara Starlight"

Worlds largest Buddha statue. Lehan, China.

Worlds largest Buddha statue. Lehan, China.

Today I am going to begin a new blog and series of posts: “Buddhist Landscapes” linked here.

I invite all of my readers to have an occasional look at my new blog.  It is still “under construction” …

Allow me a few disclaimers before I get started:

1. These will not be regularly scheduled posts.  As opposed to my “Kimonos on Monday” series, I will only post something on this topic when I have something to share on the subject.

2. My goal is only to inform, and discuss.  I will not to seek to convert or disparage any other religious or cultural perspectives.

3. I am not an expert by any means.  In fact, the reason I am starting this series because I am interested, and want to learn more about the subject.

4. Although I intend for this new blog to be lighthearted, rest assured that the raison d’être  will NOT be to make jokes.  If you have humor/happiness that you wish to share, please do.

5. I do not own the photographs.  I will only share what is freely available and open to anyone on the Interwebs.  I do not hate money, but I do not seek financial gain from my posts.

Religion is arguably the most powerful  cultural characteristic. On one hand, religion may help define a culture group, however religion may also be a significant divisive force within a culture. Religion is often the lens through which we view the world.  How do we perceive the world?  How do we explain our existence, and our place on Earth … and in the universe? Art and iconography may be imprinted on the natural landscape, but how about our thoughts and feelings?  We interact with the natural environment in accordance with our learned behaviors — religious perspective being a major guiding force.

Among some of my thoughts as I proceed on this journey:

1. Is there a characteristic “Buddhist Landscape”?  If so, what typifies them?  Are Buddhist landscapes easily identifiable or unobtrusive?

2. How does Buddhism imprint itself, or otherwise express itself upon the natural environment?

3. Do Buddhists perceive nature differently than other religions?  Thus, are Buddhist adaptations to environment different from other philosophies?

Please take the first steps with me, on this “journey of 1,000 miles …”

If you wish to accompany me on this journey, I welcome the companionship. I welcome neophytes such as myself, and proven scholars as well. I will always be honest with you.

MY SINCERE PROMISE:  I will make many mistakes.

Comments on: "NEW BLOG: “Buddhist Landscapes” / Day #1" (2)

  1. I am looking forward to these posts! I like your questions and wonder if a paper has been written about the Buddhist landscapes? I’ve never checked.

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  2. arriacross said:

    Best of luck on your new blog!

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