Denny Sinnoh's "Akihabara Starlight"

I know ... where does Haruppi put it?

I know … where does Haruppi put it?

Begin the day / With a friendly voice/ A companion unobtrusive / Plays that song that’s so elusive / And the magic music makes your morning mood …”  

Thanks, Neil, but I know you did not have this genre in mind when you wrote that. Nonetheless, it certainly is inspirational to hear/see the HKT48 girls early in the AM. I like listening/watching HKT48 YouTube playlists on my iPhone during breakfast. They girls are true to the spirit that you wrote about. You know, they would have been good on AM radio. Right up there with the Archies.

I have been so happy and entertained by these lovely young women — my adopted daughters from Hawkstown. I think I like the HKT48 even more than the main AKB group now. These youngsters have so much pep, and they sing and dance with such energy and enthusiasm. This is Idol music the way it is supposed to be … like a milkshake that never ends!

First off — lets hear “12 seconds” while the coffee finishes brewing. This is my song of the summer! … or at least my favorite in the Idol genre. You will not need any sugar in your Breakfast Blend. Aika Ota is sweet enough! Good example: see time 1:39 – 1:42 seconds. Lovetan is not even singing at that point … she just poses … but …

Love-tan you are KILLING me. At least my heart is started.

This next one goes back to HKT48 Dome Concert in 2013. This is probably the CUTEST idol duet I have ever seen. That is Aoi Motomura in the hot pants, and Sakura Miyawaki in the skirt. Musically, I think that one part is stolen from “Be My Baby” by The Ronnettes. The young Sakura-tan is so adorable here so I will not quibble Akimoto’s possible theft.

I could not be more proud (tearing up a bit). Future Anthropologists should study Sakura’s moves in order to define and understand what a Japanese Idol should be. Sakura is pure joy in a bottle. She is like a little piece of God piercing a hole in the fabric of space-time into our universe. Through this teenage girl, we might then be able to comprehend new dimensions … and a higher plane of consciousness. …Um, … Did you put something in my coffee?

sakuratan in ookami to pride 2013

Um … Now this next one is lower video quality, but that is OK because I’m dancing while I reheat these eggs anyway. A better quality video is available, but you have to be on YouTube. I grock that heart shape at the end.

Remember when The Beatles used to sing “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you added ONE MORE “YEAH”? Find out here. I like this one because this PV features HKT48’s youngest member Yuka Akiyoshi. I own underwear older than her. She’s a little rascal alright!

This next one is from a great mini-concert outside of the HawksTown Mall last year. They cover their big-sister’s hit single “Baby Baby Baby”. Much of the video is down shot at floor level — kind of like a Yasujiro Ozu film. Like the late, great Ozu-sama, the HKT48 kids gave me a great “Late Spring”. The crowd LOVES it!

The next one is “Tenshi no Shippo”. After a introduction by Aika Ota (to time 0:27 seconds), the trio performs this Akihabara Theater favorite.

Warning: Tails are shown in this dance video! (Denny eating too fast and rambling): I like the animated balloon background. The dancing is super cute, and it reminds me of CHAM. Sometimes these performance videos don’t have the greatest sound. It sounds a little like the girls are at the end of a tunnel. The 21-year old Ota-san is a little flirtatious here. Hmmm …

“Angel Tail” you say Love-tan? “MOE! MOE!!”

“Modestly, I love You?”.  Ha Ha, at first Google Translate had it as “Conservative I Love You”.  There are so many performance videos of this out there on so many shows. The dancing is always great. I love how the song mixes some English words in with the Japanese. I think I like the performance videos of this better than the official music video. While that official music video (linked here) is glorious color eye candy, that video is cut so quickly you can hardly get a look at your favorite idol when her cloud passes by. (Forget YOU – Rolling Stones!)

Oh, man, we need to get going. I could watch these all day. Let’s have one more cup of coffee, and watch one more. This is another cover of an older AKB48 song, but it is a perfect match for the younger HKT48. The sound is “muddled dome” because of the distance … but DID YOU SEE THOSE CUTE BOOTS AND HATS!?!?

Oh. wow I am so late … I don’t think I can finish my melon juice! The kids sing with the Japanese mascot Funassyi – who is actually a “Pear Fairy” not a melon.

(Plus, I have already been blamed for looking at melons when I wasn’t … but that is a rant for another meal).

Starlight: “Off on your way / Hit the open road / There is magic at your fingers / For the spirit ever lingers / Undemanding contact / In your happy solitude …”

You and me both Neil.

Comments on: "Having Breakfast with HKT48!" (5)

  1. Sounds like a musical~icous morning!! HKT48 is quickly becoming/already are Family48’s stars on the rise in the whole of 48~♥ =). And with Sasshi at the helm there was no doubt they were going to succeed right! Looking forward to seeing the direction taken with Kitarie’s new group, she’s been a favorite member for so long for me so I’ll be taking special interest there. HKT is really as you say so full of pep and endless energy and of course one Sakura may just take over the idol universe one day as we know it so their sky’s the limit for sure.

    “The Spirit of the Radio!!!” I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE RUSH!!!! Years ago while I was working at a record store a friend tried turning me onto them but I wasn’t having any of it at the time as I just couldn’t come to embrace Geddy Lee’s vocals then xD. By then I had collected a few of their albums including “Moving Pictures”, “Permanent Waves” and “Hold Your Fire” so a few years later one day I thought why not give it another go and lo and behold somehow it was like the best music ever on this second attempt and the fact that I already had heard these songs years before I think really helped in getting into them as every melody was familiar and Mr. Lee’s voice was now beloved …it’s happened a few times with music for me where you miss it the first time but then totally get it the on the next listen and since I’ve collected all of their albums except for their last two Oh and I love their concert DVDs too!~! As a trio they create SO MUCH sound!!!! It’s astounding how the three of them recreate their songs to meticulously to a tee!..with Mr. Lee doing double duty on both bass and keyboards is just amazing!!! Anyway, sorry I had a little RUSH love moment ~* here but the second I read the very top of your post I knew exactly what song it was =). Oh and Ohayo~gozaimasu ^^!

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    • I was very happy to read your reply. I was a big Rush fan when they came out in the 1970s. Back then, I was a “heavy metal kid”. I stopped listening to most rock in 1980, when my long hair was cut off and I became a punk rock-new waver. (Unfortunately, photographic evidence of this exists). So I stopped listening to Rush for a while. I have had a resurgence these past few years though. I have been buying remastered versions of records I had on vinyl long ago. I just received “Hemispheres” remix in the mail yesterday. I have also been watching all their concert films again from Netflix DVD. My iPhone is full of Rush albums now.

      You may have seen the 2010 movie “Beyond The Lighted Stage” which I think is the best rock-doc ever. I watched that a few years ago and it reconfigured my interest in Rush. The biographical parts about the band in the 1970s reminded me so much of my teenage years. So many memories of what it was like then came flooding back. If you ever get a chance, Netflix has it, even on streaming. I watched it 4 times. Sometimes I like to have it on when I am doing housework, as the stories are so compelling. It validates my life I guess.

      I also read Neal Peart’s book “Ghost Rider” earlier this summer. It is very compelling to read (the first half anyway, the second half gets bogged down in rehashing the first half-through letters exchanged). I had posted a Neil Part slideshow and also have a post about Rush in kimonos if you search my blog. (I am a shameless self-promoter)

      I have to wonder if Neil Peart might like HKT48. He reads widely on a lot of topics. He listens to all forms of music from Sinatra to West African rhythms. He is very opinionated, but he is not a music “bigot” if you know what I mean. (and you might have if you worked in a record store—probably have seen many music bigots) I wonder if Mr. Peart would “get” the Japanese Idol genre.

      I just heard that Neil and another writer are publishing a full graphic novel of “Clockwork Angels” this August. I will try to make a post about it if I get a copy.


  2. This is a great morning wake-up selection. I like the upbeat music and energy!

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  3. The Otaku Judge said:

    Lol at the melon line. That mascot looks like an evil Pikachu.

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