Denny Sinnoh's "Akihabara Starlight"

weasels zap_zappa21

You think I was kidding? Look at what the RECORD INDUSTRY WEASELS have done.

Civil Disobedience, 101!

(Denny imitating Homer Simpson) Now there are SOME people out there who might react to this and say that you should pirate as much media as you possibly can, and share as many illegal copies of copyrighted material as is possible. (Returns to normal voice) I cannot condone those actions, however — I truly feel the frustration.  There are those, even angrier than I am who may saynever pay for Jpop entertainment ever again — except for bootlegs on eBay and the like.”  Once again, I understand the frustration, although I do not support illegal activity. I don’t want the authorities to wrack their brains trying to figure out which laws to enforce, and which to not enforce.

I advise my readers to just don’t feed the weasels anymore.

Yellow Mongoose

Typical employee of YouTube, Sony or AKS.

Not in the USA? Think it can’t happen in your country? Don’t worry, the RIW are coming for your country next!

More Info: Read the comments from my friends at AKB Daily blog!

Source: AKB48 Youtube Videos Region Blocked | AKB48 Daily

Starlight: I am out of here.


Comments on: "RECORD INDUSTRY WEASELS ATTACK! AKB48 and J-Pop YouTube Videos Region Blocked!" (12)

  1. Just noticed this weekend that the short sample clips even at Cdjapan no longer play here either, talk about killing your own brand. I Thought the goal was to reach fans globally =/.

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  2. Is this something happening only in America? Is this a temporary thing? What’s going on? Are Japanese music execs allergic to money or are they planning something else? The video you posted suggested it may be down to YouTube Red so what’s going on with that?

    As a film blogger I run into this from time to time for trailers and it always strikes me as insane because you’re cutting the fans off from getting new music/films and makes them turn to piracy.

    Apologies for all of the questions.

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    • I didn’t know what was going on exactly.

      It seems that YouTube Red wants users to pay extra for Japanese licensed music, and the Japanese music industry is more than willing to go along with it.

      The scuttlebutt is that they are testing it out on the USA first because we rich enough and dumb enough to pay the ransom money. Indonesia is not blocked for example.

      Canada (ahem … cough ) is not blocked. Americans already have to drive to Canada for cheaper prescription medicines. Now we will have to cross the border in order to view Hanako Oku.

      There are a number of comments on the AKBDaily blog link above. Other European countries have been blocked or partially blocked.

      I hope it is temporary. It kind of puts a crimp on the types of things I blog about.

      I lost most of my playlists on YouTube a couple of days ago.
      (Line from the movie Animal House: “We had to return everything, even the stuff we didn’t steal”)


      • I can’t see a subscription service for YouTube being sustainable. They need the hits from lots of viewers seeing ads etc. and a lot of viewers aren’t going to pay. It’s way too easy to get some of this stuff elsewhere so it’s a situation that will eventually cost both the record industry and YouTube. It’s got to be temporary.


  3. Youtube Red sucks, but there is a way around it, however. I’ve installed the chrome browser extension “Hotspot Shield”, and set my virtual location to any country other than America. So far, it’s been working. I’m sure various other proxies that change your location will do the job too.

    I’m sure it won’t have to be used for long though. I’ve been able to watch the videos of other groups, such as Perfume and Momoiro Clover Z, so other groups will most likely be available eventually. Even if not, Youtube Red itself probably won’t last for long. I haven’t seen a single person who likes it so far. Pretty much everyone regards it as biggest screw up that Youtube’s ever done.

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    • Sounds great. I will see if I can work around it.

      I’m thinking, what if you want to share a video or post it on our blogs? A lot of our audience will not be able to view it.
      : (


      • I’ve shared it on my blog, so hopefully anyone who sees the post will hear about it. Other fans have been figuring out how to bypass the restrictions until they go down, so it’s spreading around, thankfully. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to suffer through days of no idols.

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  4. […] to the recent conspiracy by these Record Industry Weasels (RIW) making Jpop music unavailable on YouTube in America,  I will begin my hunger strike tonight. No more AKB48 or sister groups, or […]


  5. That’s lame. I don’t see the logic of blocking free video clips. Heck they could make some income via adverts. A while back I used to get annoyed because Manga Entertainment UK would put region blocking on freaking trailers.

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  6. This is aweful news.


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