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KIMONOS ON MONDAY (Week #11) Neko! 猫

This week I will put the “CAT” in “YUKATA” and present a special topic on “Cats Wearing Kimonos”!

neko rising sun kittens

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Those lucky cats! 



“Must Love Cats”


妄想ガールフレンド Music video from NMB48 “Mousou Girlfriend”—Mousou-Girlfriend-%2528eng-subbed%2529/a3a85271e0c2b2be0a466f75b645c18b

This is one of my favorite music videos by NMB48, an AKB48 sister-group.  Please watch full screen on the link to Jpopsuki above if you want fansubs in English.  Otherwise this YouTube link may be viewed in HD.

The lovely and talented Miyuki Watanabe is featured here. She is bitten by a stray cat, then turns into a cat herself. As you will see, more cat bites lead to even more transformations, which will lead to more cat bites, etc.  Very enjoyable singing and dancing ensues!  The costumes are great, and each member is cuter than the next.  I love this music video so much, when I die I want my ashes scattered in it.  Just bury me amongst those wonderful shaved mounds … Huh? …

What? … No, No, No,  I meant the FIELD


It is a very light-hearted performance video.  However, I think that the lyrics of the song have sinister overtones if examined in detail.  Although the song is titled “Mousou Girlfriend” or “Illusion Girlfriend”  I looked on Google Translate, and it had “Delusion” not “Illusion” as the word.  This may change the meaning of the song.  Studio48 translates it as “Girlfriend of Delusions”. Thank you Studio48 for translated lyrics!

This song is another example of a “boy’s perspective” song. Although a girl is singing the song, the lyrics are read as a letter written by a boy to his favorite singing Idol.  The word “delusion” is very applicable to the context of the song.  (I am going to provide the full English translation of the lyrics from Yasushi Akimoto.)  The song is a boy’s love letter of his fantasy – or delusion. The song lyrics walk the fine line (or grey area?) between obsessed fandom and delusional madness.  This boy should be careful. Falling in love with an Idol is not healthy. If you have seen the Satoshi Kon anime “Perfect Blue” you have seen how obsession leads to insanity.


You’re a girlfriend (girlfriend)

my girlfriend (girlfriend)

The boy has fallen in love with the singer

I love you forever and ever

At last, the love call from the bottom of my heart

he thinks his intense feelings have somehow reached her

had an effect on you

He begins to image that his Idol is real, and he can communicate his feelings through TV

In the moment when I met you for the first time

you were smiling within the TV

When you watch someone on TV many times, one starts to think that one knows the person on TV.  Here he is not able to seperate TV from reality.

And so I fell in love with you

as though thunderstruck

There is no turning back now?

Ah, you’re a person

more beautiful than roses

He tries to express his love … maybe he sends roses to the studio?

Ah, this world is wide

and the future holds all my hopes

His greatest dream is to have a relationship with the idol, and will work toward that goal

I’m a boyfriend (boyfriend) your boyfriend (boyfriend)

Keeps telling himself that, the alternative he cannot consider

I wanna boast about it a little

Has he started telling his friends he is dating an Idol?

It’s not a lie, and it’s not a dream

Now in denial …

We’re the perfect couple

Projects his delusion on the idol.

I’m a boyfriend (boyfriend) your boyfriend (boyfriend)

I’ll shout it out with a great voice

Is he saying this outside the studio, or to people in the street?

Even if we’re busy and don’t meet,

He understands that she has shows to perform, and cannot always be with him …

I’ll be waiting for your call today too

Actually expects an answer?

When I touch them (when I touch them)

they’ll vanish (they’ll vanish)

He is getting frustrated that photos, and TV are not giving the love he feels back … maybe it is time for him to meet the girl in person.

you’re an idol,

the flower of delusion

Does some part of him know that it is just a fantasy?

Hey, only I spoke to you!

At this point he is jealous of other fans, other boys she may be talking to …

Please! Please! Please!

Pleading at this point, what will happen if he does not get what he wants?

You’re a girlfriend my girlfriend

After all, we made a promise

… or one of them did.  The other is not real.

A scandal would be awful,

AKB48 members have a strict “no dating” policy.  He knows that it could get out that they have a relationship if he is not careful.  Or is he going to make trouble for the singer?

but our love can’t stop, can it?

Vows that nothing or anyone will get in his way.

You’re a girlfriend (girlfriend) my girlfriend (girlfriend)

I love you forever and ever

At last, the love call from the bottom of my heart

had an effect on you


It is an interesting song.  Perhaps Mr. Akimoto wrote it as a warning to fans, NOT to become delusional when they fantasize about their Idols.


It only took one year for this starlight to reach my world.



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