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Pokémon Nicknames (REDUX): Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime

Mime Jr. (in Japanese: マネネ  “Manene”) is a dual-type PSYCHIC & FAIRY baby Pokémon. Mime Jr. evolves into Mr. Mime when leveled up while knowing the move Mimic. (Source: Bulbapedia). I don’t mind a male or female Mime Jr. …

mimejr IMG_0226

… but I don’t like FEMALE Mr. Mimes — as that does not make any sense!!!

mimejr IMG_0227

I like to name Mime Jr. something cute, like Floppsy, Floozy, Fapper, etc.

mimejr IMG_0225

Let us see … now if you have a MISTER Mime … what name might you choose?

tablet rdrr

I nicknamed the clown-mime Pokemon “Mr. Mime” R.D.R.R. meaning the way someone might laugh “Har Dee Har Har”.  Mr. Mime is a dual-type PSYCHIC-FAIRY Pokémon (prior to Kalos it was a pure Psychic Pokémon).   Oddly, there are both Male and Female Mr. Mimes. There is no difference in appearance. Gamefreak really should have at least made the hair look different.  It says at the Pokemon Bulbapedia website that Mr. Mime is a “Barrier” Pokemon. The name is “Barrierd” in Japanese — バリヤード   — but I cannot find any Japanese reference for that term.

I guess the joke is on me – HAR DEE HAR HAR !!!

Mr. Mime in his latest (Kalos) animation is a mime-trapped-in-a-box, thus is the barrier? … or are his Psychic moves form a barrier?


I am partly basing the nickname on a line used in the “Bart the Genius” episode of the Simpsons.

bart rdrr

Fourth-grader Bart Simpson cheats in class by switching math aptitude tests with his classmate Martin (the genius). Bart is transferred to a school for gifted children, where he is in way over his head.

Teacher: “So y = r cubed over 3. And if you determine the rate of change in this curve correctly, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. “

Everyone in the class laughs except for Bart who is confused, and rightly so.

Teacher: “Don’t you get it, Bart? Derivative dy = 3 r squared dr over 3, or r squared dr, or r dr r “

I thought of names like “Bozo” or “Krusty” but those are both way too obvious. I’ve never been good at using a Mr. Mime and all the “tricky moves” it can learn anyway. When I am battling through a Pokemon game-story, I am not usually battling a human opponent.  I tend to use Pokemon that just attack, attack, attack. If I played more linked-battles against another humans, I might learn more of Mr. Mime’s trickster ways.


Furthermore, I am a little weird-ed out by “humanoid-type” Pokemon. Pokemon are not people, and I believe that it is wrong for Pokemon to take human form.  They should not appear to us in that manner.

I know what you are going to say:

“Denny, aren’t you just going to show a cute girl in a Mr. Mime Pokemon cosplay?”

Mr Mime pretty girl cosplay

Hmm … maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be trapped in a pantomime’s box …

Oh, you know me all too well. … what is the name for your clown? Please comment!


I threw the Pokeball, at Floozie, it got her right in the Honker.


Update: I think that a good name for female Mime Jr. would be “Miracle” or Miracle Love” after this cover of a Mariya Takeuchi song by Riho Makise. Her hat is very cute! Enjoy this magical music video!

Pokémon Nicknames: Golett and Golurk

Robert Goulet

Golettゴビット  Gobit) is a dual-type Ground and Ghost Pokémon.  It levels up to Golurkゴルーグ Goloog) at level 43.


Golurk can have some pretty nifty moves — it can even learn “Fly”!

golurk ad

I nicknamed Golett/ Golurk “Robert” after the late legendary singer and Las Vegas icon Robert Goulet.  Now that the Kalos region allows 12 LETTERS I can name it “RobertGoulet”, or “RobertGolett”.

Golett and Golurk can learn the move “Round” if you want to teach it a “singing” move.  Mr. Goulet was one cool cross-generational dude. Here is a medley of “old songs” from when he was young.  He made those ladies squirm in their seats!

Pop culture addicts are probably most familiar with his various cameo roles in TV and movies (Beetlejuice, Naked Gun, etc), often just playing himself.  He was not afraid to parody himself in his later career, and probably connected with the hipster audience that way.  He really was a talented man however. There was a famous bit on The Simpsons where he sang “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells”.  That YouTube song link is here.

The Pokemon are based on something completely different however.

A Golem from Prauge Czech Republic

A Golem from Prauge Czech Republic

These two Pokemon are based on the Central European Jewish legend of “The Golem”.  In the German language version of the game, Golett is named “Golbit” derived from “Golem” and “bit” while Golurk is named “Golgantes” after a combination of “Golem” and “gigantic”.  There are many variations of the Golem story.  Some are based on Jewish legend.

A figure used in the film "The Emperor and the Golem"

A figure used in the film “The Emperor and the Golem”

A golem is an anthromorphic being created out of mud or clay, reanimated by sacred Hebrew incantations. This explains why the Pokemon is a Ghost and Ground type.

Golett and Golurk are actually the second time that a Golem has been referenced in Pokemon.  The Pokemon that is final evolution of  Geodude is of course Golem.

Oh, and Mr. Robert Goulet?  He was not Jewish, although it was often assumed and reported that he was.  The “Stanley Applebaum”  rumors followed him his entire career.

Update and Edit: Another name I like is “IronRiceBowl“. This is a phrase from the People’s Republic of China.

If one has an “iron rice bowl” it means that if you have a state job, then you have a job for life.

Other names:

I generally do not like quickballs, unless the Pokémon’s colors match it! Golurk I do not mind in a blue-and-golden ball.

What is the name for your Ground-Ghost robot? Please comment.

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